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Private Playlistfowormed in 2001 when a Mexican wowoman and Guwuatemalan man came towo Sowouwuth Carowolina towo have a new life buwut then marriage came crashing owontowo them and their first kid , "Freinkie" was boworn . Nowo lowonger living in Sowouwuth Carowolina
Freink[ie] in 2014 mowoved towo Midwest Noworth America and still cowontinuwues towo live there with their parents and yowouwunger browother . Freink keeps uwup with the cuwurrent scemowo fashiowon [mix owof scene and emowo] , a puwure my chemical rowomance addict , wowont stowop destrowoying their rowoowom , and juwust a duwumbass in general whowo is writing/drawing a cowomic in their prisowon cell owof a rowoowom whowo alsowo sowomehowow has mowore owonline frends than irl owones[800 smth frends owon spacehey towo be exact] AND is always taller than every single owone owof them even thowo all owof freink frends are literally years owor mowonth owolder than them [they are 5'5-6 and a vampire btw].

☆*: .。. !

Private PlaylistTo The End - My Chemical Romance , The Ripper - The Used , Wonderless - Pierce The Veil , Dealer - Lana Del Rey , - Stagger - Poppy , Neverenders - Frank Iero , This is the Best Day Ever - My Chemical Romance , Criminal - Britney Spears , Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey , Scene high - 6arelyhuman , Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez , Doki Doki ☆ Morning - BABYMETAL , Brackish - Kittie , Toxic - Britney Spears , 10 Rings - Pencey Prep , Just Dance - Lady Gaga , Drugstore Perfume - Gerard Way , Decode - paramore . . . +more

My Chemical Romance

Back in the mid 2010's Freinkie had a thing fowor videowo games, games suwuch as : Yandere simuwulatowor , fnaf , batim , ddlc , and Sally face ; They where alsowo intowo creepypastas which in cuwurrent time leads towo truwue crime , analowog howorrowor , howorrowor mowovies and howorrowor games , cowomics and owold phases.Freink being a teenager , is woworking owon a cowomic that has been in the woworks since Auwuguwust owof 2022 and uwuntil nowow nowo new uwupdates abowouwut the cowomic .since owof nowow the cowomic was scrapped and freink started a new cowomic prowoject that has nowo name yet which has been made in may/juwune owof 2023 , recently artstyles and plowot have been changed and designs towoowo the prowoject is said towo be a howorrowor and cowomedy genre and expect blowoowod , uwunfuwunny huwumowor , scary images , and prowobably characters gowoing insane [cowomic can NOwOT be read owor seen anywhere nowo website owor whatever has been made everything is in her head !! ] Freink has alsowo made owother cowoncepts buwut nowone have been uwupdated since [cowoncepts alsowo dowo NOwOT have a website owor anything, owonce again everything is in their head !! uwupdates owon anything can prowobably be fowouwund owon [her] buwulletins owon spacehey : spacehey.cowom/frerardism] neowocities , anowother carrd owor renty will prowobably be made fowor them [nowot sowoowon thowo]In Feb/March owof 2022 Freinkie had the discowovery owof the American rowock band My Chemical Rowomance and has been a fan owof the bands woworks and sowolowo prowojects.
"guwuys i swear im a sane mcr fan . .. .mcr5 will be real . . .!!"
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